Eat “Clean” – What does this even mean?


The new key word….”Clean”…what does that even mean?

Instead of doing all of our own research and reciting it to you, we found this great link with many explanations of what clean eating is!

We cannot expect that everyone can or event WANTS to eat clean, what we CAN do is give some little, easy tricks on how to make your cooking a little more healthy, and even some tricks on how to order better food at restaurants. It is not rocket science by any means, but one small step for you, is one big step towards improving your health! We can each make small changes in our day to day lifestyle that make large changes in our health, try just one of these things and let us know how it turns out.

Below are some images that give suggestions on how to replace cooking alcohol with other ingredients, changing ingredients out, and tips on how to order food that is prepared in a healthier manner while you are at restaurants.



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