Q1 to Q2 Goal – Operation Own It


Operation Own It
No Excuses, Make Time For Your Health

The Goal: As a team, collectively reach our weight loss goal in pounds.

Start Date: 2/10/14 (Weigh in)

Enrollment By: 2/12/14 by 5pm CST

Last Weigh In Date: 4/18/14 (Friday before Q Meeting) by 12pm CST

Weekly Weigh-Ins: Mandatory Mondays

Each Monday you will be responsible for weighing in and sending your weight to health@davenportgroup.com by close of business (5 pm) CST. Results will be posted on Tuesdays.

Send weekly weight to health@davenportgroup.com

Personal Goal: Set a weight loss goal for yourself and submit your goal weight/how many pounds you want to lose.

Personal Goal Reward: For every week you weigh in on time, $2.50 will be deposited into your “bank”. If at the end of the goal, you achieve your personal weight loss goal, you will earn this money. 

Group Goal: We will add all weight submissions to create our target weight loss number.

Group Goal Reward: If at the end of the goal we have achieved our goal as a team, we will each receive an additional $50.00.

Reward Information:  Up to $77.50 to be earned per participant to be paid after Q2 Meeting 2014 in gift card of your choosing.


  1. If you weigh in 2 or less times throughout the goal period, you will be ineligible for rewards.
  2. You may join the program at any time throughout the goal, but if you join post enrollment date, you will be ineligible for rewards.

ATTN: Subscribe to the blog, there may be some hidden rewards announced along the way! www.dghealthandwellness.wordpress.com

We are so excited to be entering our second quarter of the Health and Wellness Initiative and we hope you are encouraged to be an active participant with us! We have made this goal a “Team” Goal which is a different concept, but very exciting for us! This is a time to focus on your health and be a part of a community of support, encouragement, and knowledge! If you were not a part of the Health & Wellness Group last quarter, don’t be shy, we would love to have you! If perhaps you joined last quarter, but don’t feel motivated this quarter, absolutely no problem!

Please remember we are doing this for the good of Davenport Group and for the good of YOU and your health! Any and all feedback is so much appreciated as we want to make this a program that works for you and helps you!

We are excited to see what this next quarter brings. If you would like to join, please simply email your initial weigh in as well as your weigh goal to health@davenportgroup.com. These are all kept confidential, so do not worry. No personal weight numbers will ever be announced!

Let’s get after it and own our health!


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