Q2 2014 Goal – #kickasssummer


Q2-Q3 2014 Goal = #kickasssummer

The Goal: Be Active and have a kick ass summer doing it!

Start Date: 4/28/14 (Join Initiative)
Enrollment By: 5/5/14 by 5pm CST
Last Check-In Date: 9/5/14 by 5pm CST (Tentative)
Weekly Check-In Rules: Each Monday you are responsible for checking in and sending your active hours to health@davenportgroup.com by (5 pm) CST. Results will be posted on Tuesdays in our Chatter Group.
Mechanics: For every hour you are active during the week, you will receive 1 “ticket”. There is no limit on the amount of “tickets” you can earn per week. Report your active number of hours on Check-In Mondays to be awarded. At the Q3 meeting we will announce 1st, and 2nd place as well as have a raffle drawing for up to 5 other great rewards valued between $50 and $200.


1st Place – Most Tickets/Hours Active $350.00 cash prize2nd Place – 2nd Most Tickets/Hours Active $250.00 cash prize
Up to 5 other participants in raffle drawing $50-$200 prizes at stake

*You will be ineligible for the raffle drawing rewards if you received the 1st or 2nd place cash reward.


1. You may join the program at any time throughout the goal, but if you join post enrollment date, you will be ineligible for rewards.

2. Activity is defined as running, walking, biking, swimming, working out, hitting the gym, competitions, etc. Simply put, be deliberate in being “active”!

3. It’s all about the Honor System!

ATTN: Subscribe to this blog, there may be some hidden rewards announced along the way! http://www.dghealthandwellness.wordpress.com

Ticket Calculator:

0-1 Hour Per Week 0 Tickets
1-2 Hours Per Week 1 Ticket
2-3 Hours Per Week 2 Tickets
3-4 Hours Per Week 3 Tickets
4-5 Hours Per Week 4 Tickets
Etc. etc. etc. 5,6,7,8…….Tickets


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