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Welcome to Davenport Group’s Health & Wellness Initiative blog. We are so excited to have you!

Our mission is to enable Davenport Group employees to create a healthy lifestyle through education on nutrition and physical fitness.

Our vision is to have majority of  our team involved in the program so we can…
1. Have a majority “healthy” workforce in Davenport Group to ensure they have a fulfilling lifestyle both personally and professionally
2. Further the relationships and strengthen team bonds

What we can offer to you…
1. Salesforce.com Chatter group specifically for members of the Health & Wellness Initiative. This will allow us to dish our daily updates, encouragements, announcements, etc. This also gives us a good forum for some healthy day-to-day smack tack, which everyone at DG loves. Also, we will distribute the current standings of our Quarterly goals.
2. This blog! We will be sharing tips and tricks to weight loss, nutrition, healthy recipes/alternatives, updates on the group and allows us an archive so you will always be able to go back in time and find past topics.
3. A team of people who are in the same situation as you! Encouragement and an outlet to voice your issues, concerns, hardships, and more importantly your successes is so helpful in creating and living a healthy lifestyle.

Please view our F.A.Q. Page for more information!


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