Quarterly Goals


Each Quarter based on a calendar year, we will start a new goal. These goals will range from subjects such as aiming to eat better (clean eating), losing weight, tracking calories/water intake, all the way to aiming to live a more active lifestyle, etc.

We will be creating a calendar to distribute to inform you of upcoming goals and you will have up to two weeks at the start of the new quarter to decide if you would like to participate. After the two-week period has passed, you can still participate in the goal but you will not be eligible for the reward.Each quarter as we have a new goal, we will also be distributing a new reward. The reward will be contingent on the goal and the number of participants. These rewards are sponsored by Davenport Group.

Our overall goal is to create a healthier lifestyle and not just “do something” to get a “prize” or “reward”. Ideally, we are looking for committed participants for the long run!


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